Star of the Week is an opportunity for students to share about themselves

with their classmates. It’s also an excellent opportunity for them to learn

more about each other and each other’s families. Every week for the next

two months, one student will have a turn to be “Star”. Each day during the

week, our “star” will have an exciting event or activity to honor him or her.

Below is a list of events for each day. I’ll send each family a reminder the

week before so that you have plenty of time to gather your photos together.

Please help your child be prepared.


Monday: Share the “Star of the Week” poster.

A week prior to your child’s star time, I will send home a blank poster and a

short information sheet to be filled out about him/her. You may decorate the

poster any way you like with photos and drawings representing anything

about our star (family, pets, trips, sports, doing special activities, baby

pictures, etc.) Then glue the questionnaire to the bottom. This will be posted

on our bulletin board for the week.


Tuesday: Favorite Picture Book Day

Our star can read their favorite book to the class during reading time, (or I

can read it)


Wednesday: Sharing Day

The “Star” can bring something special to share with the class. This can be a

toy, a souvenir, a favorite video or a game. Or they may choose to share a

parent letter; please send a special letter sealed in an envelope to school with

your child and I will read it to the class. If you would like to share a pet,

please arrange with me in advance and plan on being present with your pet.


Thursday: Snack Day (optional)

This day is completely optional. If you would like to provide a special snack

for the class, please do so this day.


Friday: Star Friend Day

We will present our star with an award signed by all of his/her classmates.


Here is the schedule for “Star of the Week”

February 2 – 6 AR

February 9 – 13 MLN

February 23 – 27 VC

March 2 – 6 NR

March 9 – 13 EW

March 16 – 20 MJ

March 23 – 27 Lam

April 13 – 17 Laz