December Newsletter

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Willow Group Surfrider Foundation Field Trip

This Thursday, from 10:15 until about 1, the Willow group will be joining the Surfrider Foundation’s Blue Water Task Force! They will be helping to clean up Twin Lakes beach, and bringing back some of the water for testing at the foundation’s local laboratory. Students should dress in layers, since this is Santa Cruz. Waterproof… Read More

Science Fair: Sixth Grade Experiment

Experiment Display and Demonstration Sixth Grade Thursday, May 21 – Oral Classroom Presentation   For this project you will design and carry out an experiment that follows the Scientific Method that tests a simple question. You should have at least 10 trials to test your hypothesis. Remember you need a question to answer with your… Read More

Science Fair: Fifth Grade Human Body

The Human Body Display and Demonstration Fifth Grade Wednesday, May 20 – Oral Classroom Presentation   For this project, you will choose some aspect or system of the human body. You can choose to research nutrition, the effects of exercise, a specific disease and the cure, the history of antibiotics, the cardiac, digestive, neurological, renal,… Read More

Science Fair: Fourth Grade Scientific Principle

Scientific Principle Demonstration and Report Fourth Grade Tuesday, May 19 – Oral Classroom Presentation   For this project, you will choose a physical, geological, or chemical principle to demonstrate and explain. This can include how things fly, how dry ice works, gravity, rainbows, solar power, tornadoes, electricity, magnetism, volcanoes, tides, the birth of stars, the… Read More