Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten is a crucial step in education, providing the mental, physical, and social foundation that will support and enrich a student’s entire school experience. Choosing a school environment that meets the needs of your child from the very beginning will have a lifelong impact. In addition to finding a good fit, assessing your child’s kindergarten readiness will play a big role in their success.

Andrea Randall, our K-1 teacher since 2003, offers up this simple list of signs that your child is probably ready to start full-day kindergarten at Santa Cruz Children’s School.

A child is ready for kindergarten when he or she:

-Is excited about learning new things-

-Is familiar with letters and numbers (mastery is not required or expected)-

-Will respond when an adult says good morning or asks a question-

-Can sit through a story-

-Can follow simple multistep instructions-

-Can use the bathroom independently-

-Can zip up a coat and a lunch box independently, or almost!-

A great way to help assess if they are ready is to bring your child with you to our Open House to meet the teachers and consider setting up a classroom visit in the spring. We are not limited by the birth date requirements of public school transitional kindergarten and kindergarten cut off dates, and are happy to enroll a child when they are ready, as early as 4¾. You know your child best; trust your instincts!